Our History

In 1989, the OC Fair & Event Center dedicated three acres to create a miniature working farm called Centennial Farm. This amazing farm recreates the past,
represents the present and looks towards the future in the latest agricultural technological trends.

Centennial Farm Foundation (CFF) was founded to raise support for education programs offered at the Farm. CFF helped to fund the cost of the construction of the Silo Building, Millennium Barn, as well as other items such as the wagons, the animals, safety fences, and more. Today, the Foundation works with community volunteers and staff of the OC Fair & Event Center to plan, develop, and operate the Farm.

Linking the urban landscape with the rural, CFF’s mission is to connect the youth of our community to agriculture. CFF aims to connect youth to the agriculture industry to expose the brightest and most passionate minds to the industry, training them how to be farmers, and even discover ways to integrate innovative and sustainable technology into the agriculture sector. The uniqueness of the Farm, a place of calm in the chaos of the city, along with the services we offer is what makes Centennial Farm Foundation a pillar of the Orange County community.

We use your donations to keep the farm thriving

Centennial Farm Foundation has participated in the cost of the construction of the Silo Building and Millennium Barn as well as other items (wagons, animals, safety fences, etc.) When you donate to our organization, your contribution helps the farm thrive and prosper.

Centennial Farm Foundation Board Members

Glen Johnson, President

Agricultural Associates LLC, President

Dr. Marc Van Eden

Zymo Research Corporation, Vice President

Clare Marie Einsmann, Board Member

Retired, Executive VP and General Counsel, United Ag, 36 years

Lon Records, Board Member

Agri-Turf Distributing, CEO

Jose Arriaga, Board Member

County of Orange, Agricultural Commissioner

Kenny Ferraro, Board Member



Gary Hayakawa, Board Member

Retired, founder of Three Star Nursery, Inc.

Tom Mullen, Board Member

Mendoza Berger & Co., Staff Account Manager

Dan Wickham, Board Member

Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness