Youth Agricultural Education Program

The Centennial Farm Foundation helps youth in Orange County and other surrounding communities get excited about agriculture.

What is the program and how does it work?

The Centennial Farm Foundation takes an innovative approach to culture, development, and environment by putting agriculture at the forefront of all three. By bringing students from surrounding neighborhoods to the farm, children are connected to nature, learn the importance that agriculture plays in every aspect of their lives, and realize the importance of keeping our planet healthy so that it can in turn continue to care for us.

The Youth Agricultural Education Program has three major components: animals, crops, and classes. Centennial Farm features a wide variety of crops, nursery stock, and livestock. At the Farm, children will spend a day learning about the life cycle of crops, their importance to our food chain, and will even get the chance to plant a radish seed for them to take care of at their home or school and watch it grow. They also get a chance to interact with the Farm’s livestock, including cows, oxen, and chicks, and learn about the types of products and by-products plant and animal sources provide. For many of these children, their visit to the Farm provides their first ever hands-on, multifaceted agricultural experience. For others, the Farm provides the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of agriculture and livestock-keeping through a series of year-round educational opportunities.

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Why is this service important?

California is an agricultural powerhouse- feeding not only the United States as a nation but the entire world as well. As California’s population continues to grow in density, combined with environmental concerns, including warmer temperatures and more drought, it is important that we educate our brightest and youngest minds about the importance of agriculture so that they can grow up to solve these issues.

Many families are locked in “Food Deserts,” which are areas lacking healthy options such as grocery stores within walking distance with limited access to transportation that makes healthy eating almost impossible. Instead, families living in these neighborhoods must rely on the closest food sources available to them, which are usually fast food restaurants, small convenience stores, and liquor stores. By  bringing students from throughout Southern California to come visit the farm, children can learn about exactly why healthy eating is important and how to access healthy foods by starting an urban garden in their own backyards.

Ultimately, through this one effective and innovative program, CFF’s Youth Agriculture Education Program helps solve a two-pronged problem: the macro-problem of finding long-term solutions to sustainable agriculture in the State and the micro-problem of solving food insecurity in our individual communities.

I want to get involved. What Can I do?

Volunteers are always welcomed at Centennial Farm Foundation. We are always looking for more board members, event volunteers, and most importantly, fundraisers. Perhaps the most important way you can serve is by becoming a monthly donor.

Make A Donation

Centennial Farm Foundation has participated in the cost of the construction of the Silo Building and Millennium Barn as well as other items (wagons, animals, safety fences, etc.) When you donate to our organization, your contribution helps the Farm thrive and prosper.